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Our Projects

Hydrogen Energy California

Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) is a fossil fuel gasification project with Carbon Capture and Sequestration through Enhanced Oil Recovery located in Kern County, California. SCS purchased HECA from the original developers, BP and Rio Tinto, and is modifying the design to include the SCS Energy polygeneration approach to make the project stronger economically. The project will produce power as well as fertilizer and sulfur. For more information, please visit the project's website at:

PurGen One

PurGen One is a coal gasification project with carbon sequestration located in Linden, New Jersey. SCS has moved the commercial structure and process design for this project to the Hydrogen Energy California project described above. PurGen One is no longer under active development.

Astoria Energy

Astoria Energy is a 1,000 MW combined cycle natural gas-fired, air-cooled facility located in the Astoria section of Queens, New York. SCS was the the lead developer and manager of the project through development, financing, construction, and initial operations. With Credit Suisse First Boston, SCS brought in $285 million in private equity participations and approximately $800 million in debt financing. SCS negotiated a Power Purchase Agreement with Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. Construction of Phase I was completed on budget and on schedule, a highly unusual event for any kind of construction in New York City. Astoria Energy was a recipient of the 2006 New York Industrial Project of the Year Award and the 2007 Pacesetter Plant Award. SCS sold its Astoria position in 2008 after two successful years of operation.

2007 Pacesetter Plant Award - PDF download

Marcus Hook

SCS Energy was the initial developer of Marcus Hook, a 750 MW combined cycle natural gas-fired power plant located in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. The plant, which began operation in 2005, is currently owned by FPL Energy.

Newington Energy

SCS Energy was the initial developer and an owner of Newington Energy, a 500 MW combined cycle natural gas-fired power plant located in Newington New Hampshire.